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Hi, Welcome to this holding page of my web site  The story behind the decision to 'mothball' my web sites was as a direct consequence of the result of the Referendum to Leave the European Union.  Prior to the news that David Cameron was going to have an In/Out Referendum on the EU, I had decided that I wanted to retire permanently to France where I could ultimately take things a little easier and work diligently on promoting my sites and the hobby of phillumeny.  However, 4 days after signing the contract for my new home (a 300 year old town house in the Creuse area of the Limousin), Boris Johnson declared he was going to join the leave campaign to promote leaving the European Union.  In doing so, the pound dropped (or should I say plummeted) against the euro and as a result, added £2,500 to the final price of my home.  I naturally had voted to stay in the EU, especially as I had decided to permanently live in France.  Anyway, that is now much water under the bridge but we are still in a turmoil as to when we are leaving some 2½ years after the decision.

 Leaving the EU has made rebuilding and updating my web sites a problem as the prices I set and the additional costs associated with postage & packaging and the like are naturally linked to the value of the £ to the euro.  The rates of exchange are constantly fluctuating which makes setting sensible prices a true nightmare.  So for the last 2½ years, they have all been 'mothballed' whilst the politicians sort out what they want to do.  However, I have hundreds if not thousands of labels which could be sitting in other peoples collections rather than stored here in my home.
 I have decided that over the next few months I will endeavour to start to repopulate my web sites so as the bleak and cold of the next winter approaches I will be able to upload them once again to the world wide web.  Major changes are being made to the web sites and this will take time to process.  However, as soon as this web site is available, this holding page will be replaced.

One major change to all the web sites that are part of the Home of Phillumeny Network is that they are now all SSL encrypted for additional  security to help protect the visitors and customers as appropriate.  All web sites in the Network display a padlock either before or after the domain name depending which browser you are using.  This padlock confirms the SSL encryption of the site being visited.  Additionally, the URL starts with https.

In the meantime, may I thank you for visiting this web site
and may I wish you well in your endeavours.

Updated on 18.04.2019